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Camden students to march in solidarity on November 30th

November 23, 2011

STUDENTS at a North London secondary school have vowed to demonstrate in solidarity with teachers and other public sector workers who are striking against government pension changes.

On November 30th, students from Camden School for Girls are marching in solidarity with Workers from across Britain. Students are united in opposition to the Coalition Government’s plan to make public sector workers, such as our teachers, pay more and work longer for a lot less.

We also oppose the vicious and ideological cuts to public services inflicted by the unelected Coalition Government. Together with the Students and Workers of Great Britain, we are the 99%.

The only way for a British Citizen under the age of 18 to exercise their right to political representation is by self-representation through protest.

We are marching because although most public sector workers are modestly paid, their pay has been frozen while the price of basics is shooting up. Now they are expected to pay an extra £3 billion a year for much worse pensions, by a government that cancelled the banker’s bonus tax that raised almost the same figure. Despite being too young to vote, we can see that it is wrong to make public sector workers pay an unfair contribution to reducing a deficit they did nothing to cause.

As one Year 12 Student said, “The first rule of economics is that if your economy isn’t growing, something is seriously wrong. Our economy isn’t growing, and this is because of the Condem Cuts”

“The Coalition’s Cuts are ideological”, said another. “This is proved by the fact that whilst expecting public sector workers to pay an extra £3 billion a year for their pensions, they are letting companies such as Vodafone off of tax bills as big as £6 billion.” 

Our students are also worried about their own futures. Our generation will be the first for a very long time to be worse off than our parents were. This is because our economy isn’t growing, and because the cuts to Public Services and Education are going to make our Education far more expensive than that of our parents and politicians who received free Higher Education, and also make it far harder to get a job. We are headed for a lifetime of debt and there is nothing we can do about it. 

“These cuts are not going to help clear the deficit.” says one student. “What clears the deficit is injecting money into the economy so that it grows and our country earns money.”

See you on the streets. We are the 99%.

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  1. Aaron permalink
    November 25, 2011 11:37 pm

    That year 12 economist doesn’t know what he’s talking about it!

    As one wise man said “Only mad men and economists believe in infinite growth in a finite world”

    That our current economy requires growth at all costs in order to continue functioning is what is ruining the planet and the quality of life of workers! And we should be educating 6th formers on such matters!

    We need to look for a differnt way! Another world is possible as this report by the sustainable development comission (recently shut down by this CONDEM governement ) shows!

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