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Please sign this open letter to the Guardian

May 10, 2011

See Guardian article for full story

This is perhaps the most outrageous development in the fees saga so far.
Please, if you are a prospective university student, consider co-signing the below letter, which I shall be sending to the Guardian later today.

The notion that wealthy parents will be able to pay up-front international-level fees for extra places at universities is of grave concern.
It comes to us, as prospective university students, as the latest development of the marketisation of university education.
The Autumn will already see for the first time prospective university students shopping for university courses and campuses of different prices. This will have a devastating effect on the choices of poorer students, many of whom will see the top universities – charging £9,000 a year – as off limits, and instead opt for cheaper institutions.
That wealthy students could bypass merit-based university applications to access a largely inaccessible system completely contradicts the government’s assertion that the new regime of university funding is “fair” or “progressive”.
We call on the government to recognise university education for its worth to society. Their reforms to the university system will only accelerate a steady trend for universities to act like production-line businesses, considering neither fair access nor the notion that education is about more than calculating whether an expensive degree will earn one more in the long run. 

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