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March 19, 2011


The march for the alternative is now less than a week away. On Wednesday, we will be inviting speakers from the labour movement and from a nationwide campaign to establish a national school students union to Cantelowes park where we will rally for the alternative.

Last year, Camden showed the nation the anger we all feel about this government’s cuts in education. But the rise in tuition fees and the scrapping of EMA are not isolated. The government’s wider programme of cuts and reforms will compromise not only our own futures but the future of British society.

We will now be rallying in a bid to build momentum for the Camden delegation on Saturday 26th – and to make sure that school students from across the country will be there to say no to the government’s package of cuts and regressive reforms.

All are welcome to come and show support at Cantelowes park. We are also looking for speakers to address the rally – if you can help, please email or tweet @camdensitin

A note of clarification – the Twitter username and this blog originated in publicising our successful 24 hour’teach-in’ and occupation in December. We would like to thank everyone who supported us in any way for this action – including teachers and members of staff at the school. We appreciate that some in the latter category made significant sacrifices on the day of the occupation – so now, as we take our message directly to the government on the 26th and beyond, we hope we can count on their full-hearted support.

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